Thursday, November 29, 2012

Easy DIY Holiday Card Ideas

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree !

So, I already have all of my regular Christmas card address and ready to be mailed out in the beginning of December. But, there are a few handmade gifts that I give to various people every year that warrant a pretty awesome hand made card. 
These are just some of the layouts I did. 
There are thousands of things you could do, and I urge you to use every ounce of creativity you have! 
I know that personally I  {L O V E } receiving hand made gifts and cards. 
It really shows the person how much you truly appreciate them. 

What I Used:
  • 2 of the latest issues of Chatelaine 
  • Scraps of Wrapping Paper 
  • Ribbons 
  • Large Circle Punch 
  • Scrapbook Mounting Squares 
  • Fancy Pen 
  • Scissors (Not Pictured) 
  • Card stock (Not Pictured)

The first one I made (pictured on the left), was very simple to make. 
I used the large circle punch to punch a bunch of circles out of a page in the magazine 
that was very festive and sparkly.
I used the scrapbooking mounting squares to stick the circles randomly 
onto the white card stock. 
I wrote a simple 'Happy Holidays & Happy New Year' on the back. 
Simple. Cute. Festive. 

For the second one (pictured on the right), I used the circle punch again and punch a purple 
page out of the magazine cover. I made a border on the left side of the 
card stock and used the scrapbooking mounting squares to secure them to the paper. 
I then used a single hole punch and punched two holes at the top 
of the paper about an inch apart. I then laced ribbon 
through the holes and tied them together. I did this twice. 
I then curled the ribbon using the scissors. 
I again wrote on it with a simple message. 
It looks lovely. 

This is the third card I made. 
On the front I took some wrapping paper scraps and I stuck them to the card stock with the mounting 
squares. I made them all at different angles so it looked more abstract. 
I added a piece of paper to the corner so I would have a place to write 
the to and from part of the card. 
On the reverse, I cut 13 circles with the punch out of white paper. I 
hand wrote the letters for 'Happy Holidays'. I tried to
make all the letters in different writings and different sizes
 so it went along with the abstract of the front
of the card. 
I think this one is my favorite so far. 

* more to come, as they get done! *

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