Monday, November 19, 2012

Do It Yourself ~ Christmas Ball Ornaments

Dashing Thru the Snow, In a One Horse Open Sleigh

Hello everyone! Today I made these super cute Christmas ornaments that were super easy and super cheap to make! I only got to make two of the colorful ones and one of the green ones because I ran out of pins. As soon as I pick up some more I will be able to finish them up!

What You Need:
- Styrofoam Balls
- Tribeads (I used clear)
- Straight Pins
- Little Green Beads (for type 1)
- Pins with Ball on the End (for type 2)
- Ribbons for Hanging 

What you need to do first is take one of your straight pins and put one of the little green beads at the end. Next feed the need thru the tri-bead and then push pin into the styrofoam ball. Begin the process again but place the next bead right beside the last. Keep repeating the process until the ball in completely covered. Leave a space for the ribbon to be placed for hanging. 
In the Middle of Completion. 

Completed and Hanging on the Tree!!

Type # 2: 
For this type I used the straight pins that have the ball on the end. I picked super fun colors to add a pop of fun to my tree. So basically you do the same steps as type one, but you skip the the green bead. These ones are much faster to make. For either type of ornament you have free range on colors. 

Not Finished Yet. 

Finished and Hanging on the Tree!!

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