Monday, November 19, 2012

How To ; Sew A Button On


Recently, a button fell off of one of hubbys pajama pants. With only one button holding the opening closed, I knew we had to fix it. 

What You Need: 
- Thread
- Needle 
- Scissors
- Pins (optional - i used them to hold the button in place until I stitched it) 
- Pants and Button 

What to do: 
First thread your needle and tie a strong knot at the end. Line up your button with the button hole on the pants. I pinned my button in the right spot so it wouldn't slip and I would sew it in the wrong place and go through all the work for nothing. 
 Next I made a stitch in the pants behind where the button was going to be placed before starting to sew the button on. I begin sewing the button by going around each section on the button four times to make sure it was very secure. After finishing going around the button, I did a stitch in the fabric behind the button again and tied the thread off a bunch of times to make sure it was as secure as possible. 

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