Thursday, November 15, 2012

Do It Yourself ~ Stuffed Snowman Ornament

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

Jingle All The Way!

I've been feeling very festive lately! And of course, in our household that means lots of Christmas related crafts! 

Recently I made a super cute stuffed snowman ornament for our Christmas tree! I want to share this simple do it yourself guide so you can make your very own stuffed snowman! 

What You Will Need; 
- Scrap white and Orange fabric (I used an old shirt) 
- Thread (white, orange, and black or dark grey)
- Ribbon for hanging
- Stuffing or Cotton Balls 

First thing you want to do is cut out two chunks of fabric appropriate for the size of the snowman you want to make. After that, layer them and carefully cut out the shape of a snowman. Be careful to make sure both pieces match each other! 
Once you have your two pieces layer them and place a pin in the middle of the fabric to hold them steady. Take your white thread and begin to stitch around the shape of the snowman. I started my stitch into the snowman's body a little ways so there would be a border to it. (See Photos). When you come close to finishing stitching make sure you leave enough space to stuff your snowman. You can make him as puffy as you like! 
After he is stuffed and you have stiched him closed, you can begin on the details. Use your orange fabric and cut out a little carrot nose, then use your orange thread and stitch his nose in place. Use your black or dark grey thread the create eyes and buttons. I chose not to give my snowman a smile because I liked the way he looked without one, but that is a personal choice of course! There are so many ways you could decroate him up! Hats? Scarves? Arms? The choice is yours! He is going on your Christmas tree! 
After finishing his facial details, sew some ribbon on him to hang him up. Don't forget to write the year on his back! Enjoy! 

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