Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Do It Yourself ~ Popsicle Stick Snowman


Frosty The Snowman ! 

 I had a whole bunch of these cool Popsicle sticks in my craft bin and thought they would be great for making yet another Christmas tree ornament with. If you hadn't already noticed I like to make a lot of my own Christmas tree ornaments because than my tree is unique to our family. And I like to be crafty. :) 

Required Materials: 
- Popsicle Sticks 
- Paints (I used Black, White, and Orange) 
- Ribbon For Hanging 
- Hot Glue Gun

Adorable Frosty Ornament!

The first thing I did was lay seven popsicle sticks side by side. Next I took one popsicle stick and hot glued it near the top of the sticks on a but of an angle to create the hat. I then glued another stick on the back of the hat lining up with the previous one to create a strong hold. 
After the glue was dried I took to painting the snowman. 
Used Black for the hat. White for the base of the face. 
Once the white was dry I painted on a carrot nose, eyes, and a mouth. 
After the paint was all dry I hot glued a looped ribbon on the back for hanging on the tree. 
There are so many possibilities to this little guy. You can make him smaller or bigger as well. And this is a great craft for the little ones! 
* don't forget to write the year on all your homemade ornaments ! *

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