Monday, November 19, 2012

Our December Meal Plan!


{ What We Are Going to Eat ; } 

Hello All! I have been working our December meal plan lately. Yes, I am aware it is still November, but this is a very busy time of year for me and my family, so I find if I am well prepared then there is much less stress.  

So here it is. What we are going to eat on that day, and what is required for the meal. Note: the meals with a '*' next to them are the ones I plan on posting a recipe and photos for. :) 

December 01/12: Our Big Shopping Trip Day ~ Baked Sandwiches * & Soup
     - Buns (6), lunchmeat, cheese slices, condiments, Can of Soup

December 02/12: Chicken "Pot Pie" *
     - Cream of mushroom soup, bisquits, 10 ounces of frozen mixed vegetables, rotisserie chicken(pulled apart)

December 03/12: Spaghetti and Meat Sauce 
     - Pasta sauce, Spaghetti noodles, can of mushrooms, ground beef 

December 04/12: Pork Loin Chops, Potatoes, Vegetable 
     - Pork chops (4), potatoes, vegetables (frozen or fresh)

December 05/12: Homemade Vegetable Tomato Soup *
     - Chicken broth, celery, carrots, white onion, can of tomatoes, potatoes, pasta(whatever type) 

December 06/12: Burgers and Fries
     - Ground Beef, onions, bread crumbs, buns(4), bag of frozen fries 

December 07/12: Bruschetta Chicken *
     - Chicken Breast (2 large), tomato, olive oil, green onions, dried parsley, la grille vegetable seasoning, potatoes, vegetables (fresh or frozen)

December 08/12: We are celebrating hubby's birthday out with my family tonight 

December 09/12: Meat Balls & Broccoli Rice Cups*
     - Ground beef, broccoli, white rice, cheese, bread crumbs

December 10/12: Apple Honey Pork Roast *, Potatoes & Carrots
     - Pork Roast, red delicious apple, white potatoes, baby carrots 

December 11/12: Baked Ravioli * & Garlic Bread
     - Pasta Sauce, Cheese, package of frozen ravioli, garlic bread 

December 12/12: Cashew Chicken*
     - Chicken breasts, Cashews, soy sauce, celery, peas, ginger, chicken broth, mushrooms, white rice 

December 13/12: Ham, Scallops, Corn 
     - Ham steaks x 2, Scallop potatoes, can of corn

December 14/12: Breakfast For Dinner: 
     - Eggs, english muffins, ham slices, cheese slices, potatoes for hash browns 

December 15/12: Beef Soft Tacos
     - Taco Kit, ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, green onions, salsa, sour cream 

December 16/12: Pitas, Fries & Gravy 
     - pitas, lettuce, lunchmeat, cucumbers, tomatoes, frozen fries, gravy mix 

December 17/12: Chicken Cordon Bleu Rollups* 
     - Chicken breasts, ham slices, swiss cheese slices, bread crumbs, potatoes, vegetables (fresh or frozen) 

December 18/12: Pork Chops, Twice Baked Potato Casserole*, Vegetables
     - Pork loin chops (4), Red potatoes, sour cream, green onions, bacon, cheese, vegetables (fresh or frozen) 

December 19/12: Enchiladas *
     - Wraps, ground beef, pasta sauce, cheese, onions, black beans

December 20.12: Homemade Pizza and Garlic Sticks
     - Pizza Sauce, Cheese, Can of Mushrooms, Pepperonis, Garlic Butter, (Make sure we have flour for dough)

December 21.12: Mushroom Fettuchini Alfredo 
     - Alfredo Sauce, Fresh Mushrooms, Fettuchini noodles

December 22.12 to December 27.12: Christmas at my parents

December 28.12: Grilled Cheese and Soup 
     - Bread, cheese slices, can of soup 

December 29.12: Pork Chops, Potatoes, Vegetables 
     - Pork Loin Chops (4), Potatoes, Vegetables (fresh or frozen) 

December 30.12: Pasta Bake *
     - Ground Beef, Peppers, Onions, Pasta Sauce, Pasta (any shape), Cheese, Can of Mushrooms

December 31.12: Chicken Parm *
     - Chicken breasts, pasta sauce, spaghetti noodles, bread crumbs, cheese

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