Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Do It Yourself ~ Sock Snowman


There Must Have Been Some Magic In That Old Silk Hat They Found.

For me, snowmen don't just symbolize Christmas. They symbolize winter. With the temperatures dropping and the frost beginning to appear, it is only a matter of time before we have our first snowfall of the season. Tonight I decided to make a very cute snowman that can be set out year after year. I had everything on hand to make this little guy, and after a few trial and error runs I am finally ready to debut him to all of you! 

Supplies Needed: 
- Large White Sock (I used a Mens sock) 
- A Decorated Sock (I used a sock that had been missing its mate for quit some time now) 
- Needle & Thread
- Scissors
- Elastics 
- Stuffing 
- Rice 
- Scrap Fabric or Felt 

Step By Step ; 

1. Cut the ankle part off of the large white sock.
2. Cut the heel part off of the same sock. 
3. Fill the bottom of the sock with about 1 cup of uncooked rice. This will make it so the snowman can sit up by itself.
4. Stand the sock up right and fill the remainder with stuffing.
5. Use an elastic and tie the top of the sock off. 
6. Cut both end off of the decorated sock creating a tube (cut carefully! you will use all the pieces of this sock).
7. Place the tube onto the snowman's body.
8. Use 2 elastics to make the snowman's body look like 3 parts 
9. Use another elastic to tie down the extra fabric on his head. 
10. Use the toe part of the decorated sock and stitch it to the top of the snowman's head to cover the leftover sock. 
11. Use colored felt to create 2 eyes and a carrot nose and stich them to the face part of the sock. *the best part is the number of possibilities you have here. Fabric, buttons? Anything is possible!*
12. Use the last part of the decorated sock to create the snowman's hat. I used an elastic to cinch the hat.   

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