Friday, November 16, 2012

Do It Yourself ~ Dog Toys

What You Need: 
- Scraps of Fabric or Old shirt 
- Scissors
- Thread 

Step by Step .. oooooo baby!

First I made a template of the shape I wanted. I made a little dog. The beauty of it is that you could make any shape you want. Then I traced the template onto the shirt. I carefully cut out the shape of the dog (I kept the shirt in tact so there was two layers). I sewed around the shape of the dog, leaving an opening to stuff the dog. I used cotton balls. I then sewed the opening and around the dog again to make it extra strong. My doggies like to play rough! I sewed on some cute little ears and before I could sew on any more details (eyes, nose, mouth, the letter 'M' for Molly) she stole it! Little bum! I shall have to steal it when she is done with it to finish it! 

How Cute Is She?

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