Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Do It Yourself ~ Toilet Paper Cozy

Because Who Says Toilet Paper Has To Be Ugly?

 When ever I am visiting someone elses house and I use the last of the toilet paper I feel like I am invading their privacy by looking in the cupboards for a new roll. Today, I decided to make a cute toilet paper cozy to match our bathroom and prevent the awkwardness of having to look in others cupboards when you need to restock the toilet paper. 

Supplies Needed: 
- Sewing Machine 
- Fabric of Your Choice 
- Scossors
- Pins 
- Measuring Tape 
- Toilet Paper to Measure With 
First I measured the length of the toilet paper and added one inch to each side. I then measured around the toilet paper roll to see how long the length had to be and then again added an inch to each end. I cut out the amount I needed and put the scraps to the side.
Next I folded over both of the sides and ends and secured them with pins. Next I used the sewing machine and sewed around the border of the cozy. In some places I went over the fabric a few times. After the border was completed I cut four strips of fabric out of the left over fabric that were all symmetrical. I sewed a strip to every corner of the cozy going over the fabric a few times with the machine to make it very secure.
I placed the toilet paper roll inside of the cozy and I tied it to my preexisting toilet paper holder.
Super cute. Super easy. & Very functional. 

*please keep in mind I am a beginner with the sewing machine!*

Love it & it matches with our bathroom perfectly!

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