Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Do It Yourself ~ Framing Scrapbooking Paper


Can't Decide On A Photo? Frame Paper Instead! 


What You Will Need: 
- Photo Frame of Your Choice
- Scrapbooking Paper of Your Choice (I choose a paper that would fit in with the colors of our bedroom) 
- Tape
- Scissors 
- Writing Utensil 

Optional Items For Fabric Flowers: 
- Scrap Fabric 
- Thread & Needle 
- Hot Glue Gun 
** Tutorial on how to do different types of fabric flowers will be posted in the next few days**

1. Choose your paper and the spot on the paper you want to frame.
2. Flip the paper over and trace the glass from your frame around the spot you want to frame.
3. Cut out the paper.
4. Place tape on the four corners of the paper. I used tape so if I choose at a later date to change what is in the frame it will be super easy.
5. Place paper onto frame and place glass back on.


The Finished Product in My Bedroom.

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