Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Do It Yourself ~ Lightbulb Penguin Ornaments

This is a 'Bright' Idea! 

These Christmas tree ornaments are a great way to use up old light bulbs to create an adorable penguin! Its easy, fun and looks great hanging on the Christmas tree! 

What You Need: 
- Old Light Bulb 
- Paint Brushes 
- Black and White Paint ( I also used orange paint for the nose!) 
- Scrap fabrics or Felt (for hat and scarf) (optional) 
- Ribbon for hanging 
- Hot Glue Gun

The First One I Made Hanging On The Tree

The first step in either option is to paint the whole light bulb black. I did two coats to make sure it was completely covered. For this one I used felt for the stomach and nose and I hot glued them to the bulb. I painted the eyes white and used a black marker to make the pupils. I grabbed some old Christmas fabric and I hot glued it around the end of the bulb. I then used a ribbon and tied the hat off and trimmed the loose fabric. I then hot glued a ribbon on to be able to hang it on the tree.

The Second One On The Tree.
For the second one, I started by painting the light bulb two coats of black. I painted a white circle on the bulb as a stomach. That also required two coats. When the base was dry I added two eyes and a nose with paint. I used some old green fabric to create a scarf and hot glued it on. I used some orange fabric to make a hat with hot glue just like the first one, except with this one I made a loop with some leftover fabric and glued it to the top opening of the hat for the loop to hang it.

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