Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Our Frugal Kitchen Part Two

Hello Readers! Here is part two to my kitchen! Enjoy! 

Baking Supplies

Oils & Spices

Josh's Milkshakes above & Tea, Hot Chocolate & Box Soups Below

Top: Stock Overflow Items ~ Mr. Noodles, Broth, Oatmeal Packs, etc. 
Middle: Sidekicks, Pizza Crust Mixes, Crackers, Jello
Bottom: Sauce Mixes, Boxed Potatoes, Hamburger Helper, Apple Sauce

Baggies, Foil & Saran Wrap

Top: Snack Foods
Middle: Spices and Open Pastas
Bottom: Canned Goods, Treats, & Condiments 

Kitchen utensils

Sponges & Scrubbers

Silverware Drawer
Kitchen Towels

Pantry Stock Items

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