Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dollar Store Finds December 08.12

I was doing some shopping in my local dollar store today and I thought I would share with you some of the great finds I came across!

Glass oil container for my counter. Love this! I have been wanting and oil 
jar but they are so expensive! This baby was only $2.00! What a steal!

Vase and branches for on top of dresser. This fits perfectly into the decor of
our master bedroom. The vase was $1.00 and the branches were $2.00. For a 
grand total of $3.00 I am loving this! 

After reorganizing our kitchen counters I realized we no longer had 
a place to keep our bread products. I saw this at the dollar store 
and knew it would match perfectly. It was only $2.00. 

I found this Wilton brand cake cutter at my local dollar store and knew 
that it would be a savior when it came to cutting cakes! 
It has different knotches on the side to adjust the height of the cake 
and it slides perfectly across the cake with ease. I speak from experience! 
It was only $2.00! I saw something similar for $15.00 at Walmart!

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