Saturday, December 29, 2012

Make Your Own Labels

I purchased this package of labels at my local dollar store or $1.00 for 360 labels. 
That's extremely cheap. 
 They are an off brand but on the reverse side of the packaging it tells you the number that is compatible with Avery labels. 
You can imput the number into the website and design your labels from there. 

Here are some examples of the labels I printed for myself for the upcoming months. 
When making your own labels keep in mind upcoming holidays, and the seasons to add an extra flare to your labels. 

You don't just have to make address labels. 
I also made 'property of' labels and have used these labels for different household labeling tasks. 
They are easy, cheap, and turn out super cute. 
The options are ENDLESS!! 

* More Photos Will Be Added When Moe Labels Are Made! *

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