Monday, December 17, 2012

I've Been Sick!

The inevitable has happened. I'm sick. 
I swear it happens every time around this year, but this time it seems to be worse than usual.
Being sick has definitely thrown off the posts I planned to do this month. I'm gong to miss some recipes since we have both been basically living off soup and crackers.

Things that will for sure be posted this week:
~ Bruschetta Chicken
~ Holiday Bark

Things that I have moved to next month:
~ DIY Mod Podge
~ Fabric Covered Switch Plates
~ Dip Dyed Cupcake Liners
~ Stay Put Kitchen Towels
~ DIY Fabric Wrist Band
~ DIY Coffee Cozy

Things that will not be posted: 
~ Enchiladas (until the next time they are on the menu)
~ DIY Monster Book Marks (I'm thinking of doing this around March break with my nephew) 

So sorry for the change of plans everyone! 
Hoping to get back to normal soon!

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