Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Saying Thank-You This Holiday Season

 As some of you may know, my hubby suffers from Cystic Fibrosis. Due to this he has home health care year round, unless he is in the hospital. Every week a nurse comes to change the dressing on his arm and check his overall health. There are two main nurses that come to our home, and this holiday season I wanted to find a way to say thank you to them. 

I decided that I wanted to make their gifts. I don't know what it is about homemade gifts, but to me they say that the person took the extra time to make their gift that much more special. Don't think that by me saying that that I don't think store bought gifts aren't fantastic, but in this situation I really wanted the nurses to know that these gifts were truly from the heart. These ladies are amazing just for putting up with Josh's craziness all together and they deserve to be recognized for what they do.

I searched high and low for something to hold the goodies I was going to prepare for them. Walmart, dollar stores, other discount stores. And nothing. I couldn't find anything that really stood out to me. I was close to buying the traditional cookie tins at the dollar store but they only had really large ones and really small ones. I didn't want to limit myself with the small ones, and the large ones were far too big and far over budget for my liking. Finally, I found exactly what I was looking for. I was at my local grocery store and they had these plastic holiday cookie jars with screw on lids that I knew would be perfect. And to top it off they were only $1.50 each!

I began to plan what I was going to put into these containers and after a lot of deliberation I decided on the following holiday goodies:
These treats were chosen because both the pretzels and the hot chocolate spoons will be great used in the hot chocolate!

 All of these treats were simple and affordable to make.

The Final Product :


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