Wednesday, December 5, 2012

$3.00 DIY Holiday Wreath

I have been looking for the past couple of weeks for the supplies I wanted to make a fun holiday wreath to hang on our door. It was easy to find the ribbons and ornaments I wanted to use, but finding the wreath itself was more of a challenge. I finally found something that I could make work for my vision in the project.

Things I Used:
 -Wreath from Dollarama $2.00
- Red Ornaments fron Dollar Tree $0.42 (was a package of 7 for $1.00 but I only used 3)
- Ribbons $0.50 (didn't use a whole roll at all so I guessed on the approximate price)
- Scissors
- Glue Gun

The first thing I did was cut the large bow off of the top of the wreath because I personally did not like it. I left the bells hanging in the middle because they were super cute. 

Next I measured how much ribbon I needed to hang in on my door and i hot glued the loop end near the wreath to hold the ribbon together. I then cut some on the thick ribbon in about 3 inch long strip. I then folded it in half and looped it around the wreath and hot glued it shut. I did this in four different places. I folded the ribbon in half because it is a thin wreath and the thickness of the ribbon was too much for the wreath. Next I took my three ornaments and poped off the plastic ends. I applied a generous amount of hot glue and pressed them onto the wreath in the spots I wanted them in. If you are finding that the ornaments are a little loose, add more hot glue to the underneath portion and press down for a about a minute until the glue is completely dry. Make sure all hot glue is dry before hanging your wreath. 

The Final Product: 


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