Monday, December 10, 2012

Re-Purposed Hair Elastic Holder

I don't know about you, but I have an abundance of hair ties taking over every part of my life. No joke. I bet in every room of our home that you walked into you would find at least 5 hair ties. I was sick of thinking I never had any because they were all spread out so much, so I decided to make a funky container to hold all of them, re-purposed of course!

Stuff You Need : 
- Container with lid (mine was an old peanut container) 
- Glue Stick 
- Scissors 
- Scrap booking Paper
- Stuff to put in your container!

What To Do: 
     First, carefully wash the inside of your container (be extra careful because of the cardboard outside ~ you don't want it to get wet!) and remove the label. 
     Next Measure your containers height and circumference. Once that is done cut a piece out of your scrap booking paper that meets the measurements. 
     Once that is finished begin gluing your paper onto your container. I started by only doing one of the edges and sticking it on then adding more glue as I went. I didn't want to add glue to the whole paper and then add it one and have the glue already dried in some places. 
     Press tightly on the paper and allow it to dry. Add a funky label and your ready to go!

Measure Measure Measure !
Before Gluing Paper On
The Finished Product

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