Saturday, December 29, 2012

Black Beans For Freezing

I purchased a 900 g bag of black beans at my local Walmart for $2.00. 
Pre-cooking these beans and portioning them makes for an easy lunch or dinner prep. They can be thrown into soups, stew, on tacos or nachos. We eat a large amount of black beans per month and this is the cheapest way to do it. I get 18 bags with 1 cup portions for $2.00. That is a big savings compared to the $1.00+ I use to spend per can of beans. 

I only cook half a package of the beans at a time. 
1 cup of beans = 1 cup of water 
9 cups of beans = 9 cups of water
I store all the beans in individual bags with 1 cup portion sizes. 
I then put all the beans in one large plastic bag and label. 
I throw it in the fridge over night to cool the beans then I throw it in the freezer.
And voila! 
Portioned beans that are cheaper, easy, and convenient!

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