Friday, December 7, 2012

How I Stock Pile Paper Products

Paper products such as kleenex, toilet paper, and paper towels are staple items to every household, so its natural that we would all want to score great deal on them. I find it is harder to find deals on these products because even if people aren't living a frugal lifestyle, these are the main item that they would still wait for a sale to buy. Here is how I stock pile paper products :

  • Toilet Paper ; at least 2 packages of 12 double rolls 
  • Paper Towels ; at least 2 packages of 6 rolls 
  • Kleenex ; I aim for 10 boxes

I find that if there is any product that I don't necessarily follow the 'magic number' on its these ones. I do not like to be on my last package of toilet paper or use up my last of the kleenex or paper towels and for this reason I always make sure that there is a sufficient amount of everything we need.

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