Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tips For Creating a Photo Wall

*Work In Progress ~ Check Back For Updates!*

In our home there is a semi-long hallway connecting the living area with the bedrooms and bathroom. 
This wall is very plain and was in desperate need of something to make it look more interesting. 
Ideally I would have loved to have painted this wall before creating the photo mural, but we aren't currently aloud to paint. 
Tip # 1 ; 
Pick A Focal Point 
I chose this large multi-photo frame that I purchased from Walmart for $10.00. It holds fifteen photos total and is a great starting point for this wall. 
I chose black because I wanted everything to pop on the light colour of the paint. 
In this frame I have photos of my childhood family vacations mixed with photos of my life now. 
It is kind of a look into the past and the present. It is cool to see how different my life is now and how much my family has grown. 
*Note ; the wooden 'believe' is not attached to the frame. It is separate. * 
Tip # 2 ; 
Don't Hang Things Right Away 
This is a big tip. Before commiting to a spot for a photo you want to hang, try it out. 
Bust out the scotch tape and put a little piece on the back and stick it where you think it will look good. 
This way you can try many different combinations before ultimately deciding on your favourite place to hang it up.

Tip # 3 ; 
Don't Put Anything Big On The Opposite Wall 
Because it is such a thin hallway, I don't recommend putting anything large or loud on the opposite wall. This will make your hallway seem smaller than it really is. 
I chose one of my favourite quotes, 'dance like no one is watching'. 
I actually found this sticker quote at my local dollar store for one $1.00 awhile back. 

As you can see, this wall is still a work in progress. 
There will be frequent updates over the next couple of months,
so stay tuned! 

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