Monday, January 7, 2013

Setting Up a Coupon Binder

Having a well set up binder is one of the keys to successful couponing. 
It makes it a lot easier if you categorize your binder and coupons for easy access. It is also a good idea to display your expiry dates so you can use a coupons before it expires. There is nothing worse than having to throw out a great coupon just because you didn't realize the expiry date.
Binder Basics;
~ I highly recommend a zipper 3 ring binder so none of your coupons fall out 
~ 9 section trading card plastic pages (found at my local dollar store - 8 pack for $1.00) 
~ Pens 
~ Scissors 
~ Calculator 
~ Dividers
~ Lined Paper 
~ Post Its 
~ Small White Stickers (You'll see why :) ) 

{ Binder Categories }

 Sub-Categories ;
- Beverages 
- Canned Goods 
- Milk & Eggs 
- Cheese 
- Yogurt 
- Grains 
- Pantry Items 
- Condiments 
- Baking Supplies 
- Meat 
- Frozen Foods 
- Produce
- Cereals & Other Breakfast Items 
- Snacks 

- Dry Food 
- Wet Food 
- Treats 

- Deodorant
- Shaving Needs
- Body Wash 
- Shampoo & Conditioner 
- Hair Products & Hair Dye 
- Make Up 
- Face Wash 

- Feminine Hygiene 
- Vitamins 
- Dental Needs 
- Pain Relievers 
- First Aid Items 

- Detergent
- Fabric Softener 
- Stain Removers 
- Dryer Sheets & Laundry Pods/Packs 

- Air Fresheners
- Bathroom Cleaners 
- Candles 
- Supplies
- Spray Cleaners
- Dish Soap 
- Storage Items 

- Kleenex 
- Toilet Paper
- Napkins 
- Paper Towels 

 { Page Set Up }

 This is an example of how I set up the trading card pages for my coupons. 
Top right corner is a little tag I made with a label indicating what type of coupons are placed on the page. 
I also purchased a pack of 500 plain white stickers from the dollar store and I place one in every corner of the pocket. 
I write the expiry date on these stickers (they peel off extremely easily), then I can know when the coupons expiring is coming up without having to pull the coupon out. Sometimes when your coupon is folded in the pocket you have to cover the expiry date to see the coupon description.

 { Extras } 

I recommend having the following in your binder as extras; 
- Scissors (to easily cut coupons) 
- Calculator (to figure out good deals) 
- Pens and Paper (to make shopping lists) 
- Extra Stickers (for expiry dates)

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