Sunday, January 6, 2013

Creating A Daily Cleaning List

With 2013 already starting, one of my resolutions has been for both of us to keep up on our household chores more regularly. In the past, Mondays were usually my cleaning day. I would spend a good majority of the day doing all my cleaning, and by the end of the day I would be so exhausted. 
After browsing Pinterest and see some pins about daily house cleaning schedules, I decided to create my own to fit the needs of our household. 

Keep in mind that the schedule that works for us, might not work for you. Every family is different and has different needs. I am sharing my schedule to show you how we do it. 

  • Dishes 
  • Make Beds 
  • Put All Laundry Into Hampers 
  • Swiffer Floors 
  • 10 Minute Speed Clean 3 Times A Day 
  • Laundry Day (Slowest Day In Our Apartment Laundry Room) 
  • Bathrooms (Shower, Toilet, Sink, Counters, Mirror, Trash, Floors) 
  • Bedroom & Spare Room (Dust, Change Sheets, Vacuum, Put Away Any Clothes)
  • Kitchen (Change Stove Liners, Wipe Down Counters, SOS sink, Clean Dish Rack, Clean Out Fridge, Mop Floor) 
  •  Living Room (Dust, Vacuum Floors and Couch)
  • Dining Room (Dust, Mop Floor) 
  •  Closets (Hangup Any Clothes, Wipe Down Anything, Reorganize if Need Be) 
  • Cupboards (Wipe Down Doors and Insides, Reorganize if Need Be) 
  •  Grocery Shopping & Run Errands 
  •  Windows (Clean all Windows in Apartment) 
  • Sort Laundry (Get it Ready For Mondays Laundry Day)

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