Sunday, January 6, 2013

DIY ~ 12 Section Scarf Holder

My scarves seem to be taking over my life lately! 
I decided that it was finally time to organize them properly. 
When I was looking into buying a hanger specifically designed for scarves, they were anywhere from $10 to $25 dollars! Ridiculous prices if you ask me. 
I decided I would make a special hanger myself, and was please to discovered that the final cost was under $2.00. 
Hanger ~ on hand ( I recommend using a thicker, more heavy duty hanger or it will begin to drop with the weight of the fabric. 
Shower Curtain Rings ~ $1.25 for 12 at my local Dollarama 
Ribbon ~ $1.00 (did not use it all) 

Firstly, I suggest you clip all the rings closed. 
Next, line your rings in a single line beneath the bottom on your hanger. 
Then tie strands of ribbon from the ring onto the hanger. 
Do this for every ring. 
Once you have your first layer attached to the hanger, then tie ribbons from ring to ring to connect them and make it so they don't slip. 
Next add another layer of rings, tying ribbon to the other rings to hold them in place. 
Do this until you have used all 12 shower curtain rings. (yes, I am aware only 9 are pictured. The other three were added after) 
I don't recommend having more then 12 rings on one hanger because the weight of the scarves can cause the hanger the droop and it could break if there was too much weight. 

Finished Hanger. 

It holds all my scarves and there are still some empty spaces. I guess this means I need to go scarf shopping!


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