Monday, March 3, 2014

Revamped Spare Room Guest Bed

Our spare room has been a challenge since we moved in almost 3 years ago. 
It has been a struggle to;
a) Find appropriate Storage & Organization
b)  Create a Guest Space while having a play area for my niece and nephews
c) Re-do the room for an affordable price 

While spring cleaning we've been sorting, organizing, and donating items in that spare room. We recently took 2 car trips worth of donations to goodwill. It both felt good and helped in the de-cluttering process.

The same day we took the loads to goodwill, we stopped by Jysk because it was right by the donation center. 
Isn't there a saying - something about donating stuff and buying new stuff the same day? haha

We got lucky and there were having a bedding clearance. 
We were able to find some that was both gender neutral, but pretty and something both of us actually agree on. 

We previously purchased the bed mat at Walmart for $10. 
Deuvet Cover $12.99
Striped Throw Pillow $6.00
Total; $28.99

This price is great considering the one duevet cover we were looking at first was $40.00 on its own!

There is still much, much more to be accomplished in that room, but we've made tremendous progress the last couple of weeks and hope to continue to do so in the upcoming future. 
I will keep you updated with photos :D

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