Sunday, March 30, 2014

Birthday Gifts

This years birthday was different than the rest. 
Since Miss Molly decided to give birth to her adorable little babes on my actual birthday, we decided to post-pone the festivities for a week. No big deal. It was easy to reschedule as all we were planning was dinner at a local restaurant and then back to our place for cake and puppy viewings. 
This year, when asked what I wanted as gifts I seriously had no ideas to give people. 
There wasn't anything specific that I wanted. 
J had let me order some lovely bracelets online for a gift. 
My sister pre-ordered me a book she knew I would love. 
My other sister gave me some great bath products from Lush. 
And my other sister said she was going to treat me to a pedicure when the weather is nicer so we could spend some time together. 
And I asked my parents to give me some cash (like I do every year!) 

I decided to use my birthday money for some art work for the living room. 
We have lived in this apartment for almost 3 years and I have never found anything I liked for above our couch. 
It was really starting to get to me. 
Every time I walked into the living room it was like a giant canvas waiting for something to be placed on it. 
I went to a local store, Homesense to wonder one day and say this awesome art combination that I could not take my eyes off. It was 5 photos in one. They are all similar but not the same, which I loved and as luck would have it, in my purse I had my couch fabric swatches and they matched. 
It was only $10 more than my birthday money, but for how much I loved it I had to have it. 

The end result; 
I love it. 
It looks amazing and was affordable (even before using my birthday money). 
My eyes are always drawn to it when I walk in the room. 

Happy Birthday to Me!!

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