Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Today's Mantra

This has been a hard couple of weeks since we got home from Toronto. 
Getting back into the swing of things, setting up appointments, follow ups, and everything medical here at home for Josh has been difficult. And to add to everything lets throw 3 more dogs on top of the previous 2 just makes everything that much harder.
With a large helping of life on my plate I have to truly remember to take time to breathe. 
To take time to myself. To do things for myself. 
 I can't just think of others, I have to remember myself as well.
 So it has become a balancing act in my life. 
On one hand I have J and all his medical needs, the dogs, and general life. 
On the other hand, myself and my needs. 
 The trick is making sure everyone's needs are covered. 
So, this week I will be working on a balancing act and remembering to breathe and take time to myself. 

Think I can do it??

Do you have a weekly mantra?
Let me know!

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