Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring has Sprung!

Hello there spring. 
I've been waiting for you!

This has been the worlds longest winter, I swear! 
Every time we seemed to get some relief from the cold and snow we would get hit again. 
That's winter in Canada right ?

I'm sooo looking forward to spring that it's not even funny! 
Spring is my second favorite season. (Autumn is my first)
I love opening all the windows and letting in fresh air. 
There is something about the fresh spring air flowing through my house that makes me feel so zen. 

I am looking forward to spending more time outside with our puppies who have been cooped up for majority of the insanely cold winter. They are going to love getting into a routine again! Walks and playing outside are their favorites. 

I'm excited to see green grass again, and flowers. 
Heck I don't even care if we get spring showers. 
Anything is better then looking outside at the miserable snow covered ground. 

I'm even looking forward to spring cleaning (and may have already started it!) 

So welcome spring with open arms and try to look at all the bright positive things that are going to happen this season! 


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