Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Birthday Cake 2014

Every year (mostly), I make my own birthday cake. 
I really don't mind doing it because I loooove to bake. 
It all started a few weeks ago. 
My sister mentioned to my three year old nephew that my birthday was coming up. 
He told her that he wanted to back me a chocolate strawberry cake because it was his favorite. 
He is just the cutest little guy. 
I decided to invite him over to help me make the cake the day before my birthday. 
It was adorable, and he actually helped a lot more then I thought he would!
This year I am doing something a little different in terms of ingredients. 
I didn't have the time to bake a whole cake from scratch with everything else we have going on right now, especially with an impatient little helper.
So I decided to purchase a box cake and premade icing. 
I know, I know. 
But I wasn't going to just make a cake and slop some icing on it. 
I'm going to revamp the boxed cake!
What you need; 
~ Chocolate Cake Mix (I opted for gluten free as some family members attending are not eating gluten)
~ White Icing 
~ 1 packages of strawberries
~ 3 Eggs & 1 cup of water (for cake)
Simple right?  

Step#1; Mix chocolate cake mix according to directions on the box and bake for appropriate amount of time. I baked my cake in two round pans for easy stacking. After they have finished backing, set to the side to let cool completely. 
Step#2; While cake is baking wash and haul all strawberries. I sliced mine and tried to get them to all be the same thickness (tried being the key word here!). Set aside in fridge.
Step#3; Scrap icing into kitchen aid mixer bowl completely. Using the whisk attachment whip the icing until it doubles in size. Cover with saran and place in fridge. 
Step#4; Once cake is completely cooled, pick the cake you would like for the bottom layer and place on a flat sturdy surface to hold cake. Gently cut top of cake to make it as completely flat as possible. Dont worry if its not perfect, mine wasn't! 
Step#5; Then generously add vanilla icing and carefully spread evenly on cake. Next add a fully layer of your sliced strawberries. 
Step#6; After that I sliced the next cake as evenly as I could and carefully placed on top of the other cake.  
Step#7; Repeat step #5 using the remaining icing and strawberries. I added an extra glob of icing to the top of out cake just for fun!


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