Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Money Saving With Produce

There are some easy ways to save money on fresh produce for you an your family.
Obviously, looking for sales on produce is the first step to saving money in the produce department. Sales are a great way to trim your grocery budget in all departments in the grocery store.
There are not a lot of coupons available for fresh produce, so finding great sales are the best way to save money.
Shopping the seasons are always great as well.
Click here for a list of produce and the best time of year to purchase!
When you find a deal you can't pass up it is always a good idea to buy extras and do some freezing for future recipes!

These peppers were a little soft, but nothing that wasn't easily fixed by washing chopping and throwing in the freezer.

Now we have a huge bag of peppers in our freezer waiting to be used! 

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