Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Easily Freeze Spinach

Spinach is great. 
It has so many different uses, and is easily a staple produce item in our household. 
I sometimes find that we have troubles finishing all the spinach before it starts to go bad, so I have started to freeze the spinach to get the most I possibly can out of it. 
Frozen spinach is not the best for salads, but it works great for soups, stews, pasta recipes, or even spinach dip! Yum-o. 

Here are my simple steps to freeze fresh spinach for later uses:

  • Place spinach in a sink full of cold water. 
  • Gently swish spinach around sink making sure all spinach is getting covered with the water.
  • In sections, place spinach into salad spinner and spin until dry. 
  • Transfer spinach into freezer safe bags (I highly recommend dating these bags for easy use!)
  • Tie bags and toss into freezer 
  • Pull out spinach and throw directly into recipe, or allow time to let it thaw!  

Have a fantastic day everyone! 
Enjoy your produce!

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