Sunday, February 10, 2013

Love Songs Playlist

I have decided that with Valentine's Day fast approaching, I would compile a list of my all time favorite love songs to share with all of you! 
My Heart Will Go On ~ Celine Dion 
"Love can touch us one time
And last for a lifetime
And never let go till we're gone"
Crazy in Love ~ Beyonce ft Jay-z
"Got me hoping you page me right now your kiss's
Got me hoping you save me right now"
You Are So Beautiful ~ Joe Crocker 
 "You're everything I hope for
You're everything I need"
You and Me ~ Lifehouse 
"And it's you and me and all other people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you"
My Girl ~ Temptations 
 "I don't need no money, fortune, or fame.
I've got all the riches baby one man can claim"
I Will Always Love You ~ Whitney Houston
"I hope life treats you kind
And I hope you have all you've dreamed of
And I wish you joy and happiness
But above all this I wish you love"
Wonderwall ~ Oasis 
 "Because maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me
And after all, you're my wonderwall"
Time After Time ~ Cyndi Lauper 
 "If you're lost you can look and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you I'll be waiting
Time after time"
Hey There Delilah ~ Plain White T's
 "If every simple song I wrote to you Would take your breath away, I'd write it all Even more in love with me you'd fall, we'd have it all"
Chasing Cars ~ Snow Patrol 
 "If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?"
Maybe I'm Amazed ~ Paul McCartney 
"Babe I'm a man and maybe you're the only woman
Who could ever help me
Baby wont you help to me understand"
Eternal Flame ~ The Bangles 
"I believe it's meant to be, darling
I watch you when you are sleeping
You belong with me"
This I Promise You ~ N*Sync 
 "When I hear you call
Without you in my life baby
I just wouldn't be living at all..."
Only You ~ Ashanti 
 "Boy you stay inside my mind ain't no denyin' that
And only you could do them things that got me comin' back"
My Boo ~ Usher & Alicia Keys 
 "It started when we were younger
You were mine my boo"
Underneath It All ~ No Doubt 
 "You're really lovely
Underneath it all
You want to love me
Underneath it all"
We Belong Together ~ Mariah Carey 
 "Who else am I gon' lean on When times get rough? Who's gonna talk to me on the phone Till the sun comes up?"
Thank You ~ Dido 
"And I want to thank you for giving me
The best day of my life
Ohh, just to be with you is having
The best day of my life"
Hero ~ Enrique Iglesias
 "Would you dance, if I asked you to dance? Would you run, and never look back? Would you cry, if you saw me crying? And would you save my soul, tonight?"
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing ~ Aerosmith 
"Lying close to you feeling your heart beating
And I'm wondering what you're dreaming"
Crazy For You ~ Madonna 
 "It's all brand new, I'm crazy for you
And you know it's true
I'm crazy, crazy for you"
You and I ~ Lady Gaga 
 "It's been two years since I let you go,
I couldn't listen to a joke or rock 'n roll
Muscle cars drove a truck right through my heart"
I'll Be ~ Edwin McClain 
"And rain falls angry on the tin roof
As we lie awake in my bed
And you're my survival, you're my living proof
My love is alive, and not dead"
Fix You ~ Cold Play 
  "Lights will guide you home And ignite your bones And I will try to fix you"

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