Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cook Books

These are the cookbooks I own and are used in my meal planning efforts. 
When ever I post a recipe that is directly out of one of the books, I will let you know. 
These books are great for giving inspiration for new recipes. 
Majority of my cook books are purchased from a local used book store, and some I have received as gifts. 
I find buying cook books used is very smart because not many people have used these books. They are usually the type of books people receive as gifts, or buy with intentions of using, but they never do. 

The Cupcake Diaries 
~ Katherine Kallinis & Sofie Kallinis LaMontegne ~
This book is fantastic for your sweet tooth! 
These girls have a show on TLC named 'DC Cupcakes' and I just adore them! 
Their recipes are easy to follow and delicious! 
I highly recommend this book if you love baking! 
Received as a gift.

  Thirty Minute Cooking 
~ Jenni Fleetwood ~ 
This is book is set up so well! 
It starts with 10 minute recipes, 20 minutes recipes, and then 30 minute recipes. 
It is perfect for planning a quick meal, but not skimping on quality. 
This book is highly recommended for busy people!
Purchased at thrifty store for $6.00,

365: No Repeats 
~ Rachel Ray ~ 
I just love everything about Rachel Ray! 
Her recipes are easy to follow and very delicious. 
This book offers 365 different recipes.
What I like so much about it is that she will start with a base recipe then show you different ways to do that recipe. The different variations are great for people who like to change things up frequently. 
I highly recommend this book for people who like change in their cooking. 
Received as a gift.

Canadian Bread Machine Baking 
~ Roxanne McQuikin ~
This book is great for people who use their bread machine on a regular basis, like me! 
She offers so many different things you can do with a bread maker that even I didn't think you could do with it. 
All of her recipes are dump recipes (throw all the ingredients in the bread pan) which I love
It makes it much quicker to be able to dump everything in, press start, and come back to fresh baked breads.
I highly recommend this book for anyone with a bread machine! 
Purchased at thrift store for $6.00.

30 Minute Meals 
~ Rachel Ray ~ 
This is Rachel Ray's first published cook book. 
This book offers her original 30 minute meals, which I love! 
This are simple, easy, fast, and very delicious! 
There are so many recipes in this book I want to try that is is just insane! 
I highly recommend this book for everyone! 
Received as a gift.  

       Martha's Got Nothing On Me [The Pre-Fab Cookbook]
~ Dish & Flo
This book is HILARIOUS!!
It offers a collection of recipes that are super quick, super simple, and super tasty. 
The goal of this cookbook is to cut time in the kitchen, allowing the working guy or gal time to have a delicous homemade dinner when you're on the go. 
I highly recommend this book to the guys and gals out there who think they are too busy to cook. 
It's perfect for you! 
Purchased at thrift store for $8.00.

  Meal In Minutes 
~ Jamie Oliver ~ 
This book is amazing. 
Simply amazing. 
It offers so many different recipes that I could spend weeks just cooking out of this book. 
Tempting isn't it?
I recommend this book for everyone. 
I think everyone should have a little Jamie Oliver in their life! ;)
Received as a gift.

      The Big Book of Baking 
 This book definitely lives up to its title. 
It's huge. 
This book has so many different baking recipes for every different skill level.
There's photos of everything too. 
I highly recommend this book for anyone who bakes.
Purchased at thrift store for $10.00.

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