Saturday, April 5, 2014

Donations to Goodwill

It may not look like spring outside, but I am already in spring-cleaning mood. 
I recently cleaned out our closet, kitchen cupboards, coat/shoe closet, and worked on our spare room. 
When it was all completed there were about 8 large garbage bags full of clothes for our local goodwill. Along with 6 boxes of old kitchen utensils, pots and pan. We have also gone through our childhood keepsakes and gotten rid of anything that we did not want to store any longer. 
It ended up taking two separate car trips, but was well worth all the work.

 It felt great when we dropped off our donations. 
It was such a relief to both donate to a good cause, and to come home to a less cluttered house hold. 
Win-Win situation. 

I highly recommend you go through your closets, cupboards, and garages. 
If you haven't wore it or used it in the last 12 months donate it! 

*reminder - only items that can be used should be donated. if something is broken beyond repair do not donate it. find a place to properly dispose of it*

Find your local Goodwill Donation Center Here;


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