Sunday, June 30, 2013

Frugal Grocery Shopping

Challenge time. 
We've had some unexpected medical expenses lately, so we have had to cut our weekly food budget in half for the next few weeks to make ends meet.
Challenge accepted. 
I am always a frugal shopper. I look through sales flyers, match up with coupons as much as possible, and try to only buy items when needed. 
So I knew cutting the budget would be difficult, but not impossible. 

This is everything I bought. 
I only used 3 coupons, 1 checkout 51 rebate, and 5 in store markdowns.

Tostitos Chips
Fat Free Skim Milk
3lb Cooking Onions
Green Onions (1 bunch)
Raspberries (1 pint)
Bacon (2 packages)
250g of sliced ham deli meat 
6 Pack of Organic Kiwi 
6 Small Potatoes 
Sliced marble cheese
Rye Bread
Red pepper 
3 Pears
3 Plums
3 apples
Green Grapes
Hotdog Buns 
2 Packs of Grillems Sausage $5.94 (minus $2 in coupons) 
1 Box Glad Trash Bags $5.97 (minus $2 coupon and $3 checkout 51 rebate)
3 Packs of Ground Beef $6 (regular $5 each but had markdown stickers for $3 off each pack) 
2 Packs of pork Chops $4 (regular $5 each but each had markdown stickers for $3 off each pack)
Total Spent After Coupons, Markdowns, & Rebates 
 = $52.30 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hello There

Welcome Summer 2013! 

There are so many things I want to accomplish this summer! 
One includes blogging more! 
I know I have been MIA lately, but J has spent the last 7 weeks in the hospital and it doesn't look like he will be getting out in the near future. 
So my days have been completely thrown off my regular schedule, and my meals are basically hospital cafeteria food, cereal or toast. Only good thing that comes out of the situation is the much less being spent on groceries when it is just me. 
I have a bunch of posts banked that I am waiting to share with you until I an fully commit my time and energy to the blog. I just wanted to pop on and say happy summer and let everyone know what is going on. 
What are your plans for this amazing summer 2013?
Email me with any questions ;
I always love to hear from all of you! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

DIY Mason Jar Soap Jar

I was seriously sick of seeing the plastic bottle of dish soap on my counter and really wanted something a little prettier. I also woke up in craft mode today apparently. 

What You Need ; 
- Mason Jar with Lid 
- Soap Pump from old hand soap container 
- Hot Glue Gun 
- Hammer & Nail

What To Do ; 
- Poke a small hole in the middle of the lid with the hammer and nail 
- Slowly make it large enough to fit the pump in
*don't make it too large. you want the pump to fit tightly *
- Apply a large amount of hot glue around the inside of the lid around the pump. 
- Let dry completely.
* tube might be too long to fit into jar so trim it. I recommend trimming on an angle* 
- Fill jar with soap and you're ready to go.

finished and pretty!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 15.13 Thrift Shopping For Summer

so I need to stop shopping! 
I just keep finding such great deals! 

 Pink T-Shirt 
Gently Worn 
Small Hole That I Mended 

 Grey Sweater 
Smart Set 
Barely Worn 

 Purple Tank Top 
Digital Clothing 
Barely Worn 

 White Tank Top 
Smart Set 
Never Worn 
 Grey T-Shirt 
Gently Worn 

 Green Tank Top 
Barely Worn 

 White T-Shirt With Lace on The Sleeves 
Barely Worn 

 Blue & White Striped Shirt 
Never Worn 

 Blue T-Shirt With Ruffles 
Old Navy 
Barely Worn 

 Blue Tank Top with Ruffles and Buttons 
Jack BB Dakota 
Barely Worn 

 Grey Knit Sweater 
Gently Worn 

 Blue Sweater 
Suzy Shear 
Gently Worn 

 Floral Sweater 
Gently Worn 
Blue Button Up Cardigan
American Apparel 
Barely Worn 

Total For Everything ; $8.50 
Each Item Cost ; $0.60 / each

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thrift Shopping Weekend

This weekend my sister and I did two seperate trips to the local by the pound Goodwill store and scored some great items for summer, and some sweaters for fall too! 

 Red Cami 
Barely Worn 

 White Cami 
Susie B
Never Worn
 Black Long Sleeve Drape Sweater 
Street Wear Society
Barely Worn

Thin Vest 
Worn - Small hole that I Stitched 

 Purple Detailed Blouse 
American Eagle 
Barely Worn 

 Purple Cami 
American Eagle 
Barely Worn 

 Grey and White Striped Sweater 
Barely Worn

 Grey Button Up Cardigan 
Street Wear Society 
Gently Worn - Small hole in Pocket that was Stitched 

Grey Button Up Wool Sweater 
Romeo & Jules 
Never Worn 
 Grey Button Up Sweater 
Barely Worn 

 Grey Tshirt with Lace Detail 
Gently Worn

 Grey Long Sleeve Shirt 
No Tag 
Gently Worn 

$ 3.00 

Day 01 totals; 
Clothes ; $8.40 
Table ; $3.00 
Total ; $12.40
That's $0.70 per piece of clothing! 

 Green Mens Tshirt 
Brand New 

 Green Mens Tshirt 
Barely Worn 

 Purple long Sleeve Shirt 
Smart Set 
Barely Worn 

 Purple Tshirt 
Wearhouse One 
Barely Worn 

 Oatmeal Tshirt 
No Tag 
Barely Worn
 Dark Blue Tshirt 
Barely Worn 

 Grey Tshirt - Athletic 
No Tag 
Never Worn 

 Grey Tshirt 
Old Navy 
Never Worn
 White Vneck Sweater 
Barely Worn
 Blue tshirt 
Brand New 

 Red Tshirt 
Barely Worn 

 Black Vest 
Gently Worn - Thread came out of seem - Will be Stitched 

 Blue Plaid Button Up 
Old Navy 
Never Worn 

 Blue Tank Top 
Smart Set 
Barely Worn
 Purple Tank Top 
Old Navy 
Gently Worn 

 Grey Dress 
Old Navy 
Barely Worn 

Pink Pj Shorts 
Barely Worn 

Total Spent ; $7.10 
That's $0.41 per piece!! 
What I Got ; 
2 Men's Tshirts 
3 Camis 
2 Tank Tops 
8 Womens Tshirts
6 Womens Sweaters 
2 Vests 
1 Pajama Shorts 
1 Dress 
1 Button down Shirt 
2 Long Sleeve Shirts 
1 Blouse 
1 Lego Table 
Grand Total Spent for Weekend = 
$ 18.50 
{minus lego table} 
An Overall Total of $0.52 / Clothing Item!