Thursday, June 20, 2013

DIY Mason Jar Soap Jar

I was seriously sick of seeing the plastic bottle of dish soap on my counter and really wanted something a little prettier. I also woke up in craft mode today apparently. 

What You Need ; 
- Mason Jar with Lid 
- Soap Pump from old hand soap container 
- Hot Glue Gun 
- Hammer & Nail

What To Do ; 
- Poke a small hole in the middle of the lid with the hammer and nail 
- Slowly make it large enough to fit the pump in
*don't make it too large. you want the pump to fit tightly *
- Apply a large amount of hot glue around the inside of the lid around the pump. 
- Let dry completely.
* tube might be too long to fit into jar so trim it. I recommend trimming on an angle* 
- Fill jar with soap and you're ready to go.

finished and pretty!

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