Sunday, June 30, 2013

Frugal Grocery Shopping

Challenge time. 
We've had some unexpected medical expenses lately, so we have had to cut our weekly food budget in half for the next few weeks to make ends meet.
Challenge accepted. 
I am always a frugal shopper. I look through sales flyers, match up with coupons as much as possible, and try to only buy items when needed. 
So I knew cutting the budget would be difficult, but not impossible. 

This is everything I bought. 
I only used 3 coupons, 1 checkout 51 rebate, and 5 in store markdowns.

Tostitos Chips
Fat Free Skim Milk
3lb Cooking Onions
Green Onions (1 bunch)
Raspberries (1 pint)
Bacon (2 packages)
250g of sliced ham deli meat 
6 Pack of Organic Kiwi 
6 Small Potatoes 
Sliced marble cheese
Rye Bread
Red pepper 
3 Pears
3 Plums
3 apples
Green Grapes
Hotdog Buns 
2 Packs of Grillems Sausage $5.94 (minus $2 in coupons) 
1 Box Glad Trash Bags $5.97 (minus $2 coupon and $3 checkout 51 rebate)
3 Packs of Ground Beef $6 (regular $5 each but had markdown stickers for $3 off each pack) 
2 Packs of pork Chops $4 (regular $5 each but each had markdown stickers for $3 off each pack)
Total Spent After Coupons, Markdowns, & Rebates 
 = $52.30 

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