Saturday, April 6, 2013

Where To Find Coupons

There are many different places and resources where you can find available coupons.
There are many different sites available for free to users that will mail coupons to your home.
- Facebook offers (*)
Popular Sites For Print At Home Coupons:
- (some are printable)
- Facebook offers (*)
(*) Some companies will put out coupons on their company facebook page that are available for either mail to home or to print at home. It all depends on the companies preference and what they produce for the general public. I suggest that if you are a part of facebook that you 'like' the pages of your favourite companies because more often then not they will produce some sort of coupon throughout the year.
Another great way to get coupons using facebook is to join coupon groups and pages. There are a lot of different people who have came together and made a group with a vast amount of people from all over the country. People in other provinces are sometimes able to get different coupons that what may be available to you in your town. You can often negotiate a trade with these people for coupons they have for coupons you may not be using for your family.  

There are three different kinds of insert coupons that become available in Canada.
1/ Smart Source Inserts
2/ P & G Inserts
3/ Red Plum Inserts
These inserts are found in certain news papers available all over the country.
*click here to see a insert schedule for 2013*

These are probably the harder to find and less frequently released of the coupons out there, but when you can come across them they are usually high value.
A popular Canadian magazine is 'Canadian Living'. This magazine usually has coupons attached to it if you are a subscriber.
I have also found a few coupons in Chateline magazine, but they are not always in every issue.
Newspaper magazines are usually more of coupons for local restaurants or stores. They are usually a percentage off rather than a dollar amount off.

There are a bunch of store specific coupons out there in the Loblaws banner stores (Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, Longos, etc) called Coupon Zone coupons. These coupons are generally found on a large board in the front of the store. These coupons are released on a monthly basis generally and have a shorter expiry then most coupons. These coupons can only be used in the banner stores that are listed on the reverse of the coupon. They can not be used everywhere.
The great thing about coupon zones is that some of the banner stores will let you combine a coupon zone coupon with a manufacturers coupon to maximize your savings.
I have a coupon that is $2.00 off when you buy 2 Green Works Products that was released by the manufacturer.
There is currently a Coupon Zone out there with the same specifications, but it can only be used at the banner stores.
If you are lucky enough to find a store that will allow you to use both, you can really maximize your savings especially considering most green works products will go on sale for $1.99. That means will both coupons you can get the product for free.
Please keep in mind that not all banner stores will allow you to use both, but when you do find a store that will, the savings will be worth it.

Tear pad coupons are probably the most popular in the coupon family. These coupons are manufacturers coupons that are found on a pad generally in front of the product, and they can be used at any store.
Popular Stores to Find Tear Pad Coupons;
 - Shoppers Drug Mart (great for finding beauty and medical related coupons)
- Metro (great for food coupons)
- Food Basics (pretty good for food coupons)
- Freshco (pretty good for household and food coupons)
- Walmart (rarely, but when you do they are great)
Tear pad coupons are great to have, when you can find them. Over the past few months finding tear pads has been a challenge to say the least. Couponing has boomed and people have been greedy and sometimes will take the whole tear pad and not leave any for the rest of the community. I always try my hardest to leave some for other people. I usually take 5 for myself, 5 for my sister if she is not with me, and 5 for other people if the tear pad is really full. Remember to take what you will use. When you are greedy with the tear pads, other people miss out on the opportunity of saving money.
Product coupons are the coupons you find sticking to, hanging from, or inside the packaging of a certain item.
The coupons that you see hanging on an item, or stuck to an item and not up for grabs. They are intended to be used on that product on the day you are purchasing the product.
For example, on of my favorite body washes has a hangtag on it for $2.00 off but every time I go to the store, someone has gone and took all of the coupons off of the product. This is very discouraging. This is one of my favorite products, and when someone takes the coupons off the product, I dont want to buy it.
Coupons that are located in the product packaging are an added bonus when purchasing a product. Those coupons are intended to lure the customer to purchase whatever product they make a coupon for.
This past summer Nestea brand had a promotion on their product packaging for a free 12 pack of Nestea. Basically, all you had to do was purchase the first pack of Nestea then cut the coupon out of the packaging and go back to get your free case. If you were lucky enough you could find another case with a coupon and could use the coupon to get another free case. It was the coupon that kept on giving!

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