Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Cleaning ~ Kitchen

K I T C H E N ! 
Today I decided to tackle my kitchen. 
This room required most of my attention this year as it seems i have been ignoring it. 
It took me nearly all day but when it was done it felt great to look at. 
I almost never want to cook in it again!

Stove; Inside and out. If you also have a stove that requires the silver burner liners change them and scrub the bowls that hold them. Seriously though, when was the last time you cleaned the inside of the oven or the racks?! Do you have a stove drawer? When was the last time it was cleaned and organized?
Cupboards / Pantry; I take everything out and place in on the counters, then wipe down the inside shelves of them with a damp cloth and all purpose cleaner. I let it air dry then put everything back and organize it as I go. This is also a great way to do inventory. I usually find a few things I forgot I even had in there! I also wipe down the fronts of the cupboards as well.

Microwave; This is an annoying one. Things often explode in my microwave when hubby uses it and there is usually dried on food everywhere. I recommend spraying the whole microwave then closing the door and letting it sit for awhile before scrubbing it with a sponge. Don't forget to wash the microwave tray too! 

Fridge; I pull everything out of the fridge and wipe it down really well. I'm always surprised about the amount of guk that accumulates. Throw out any expired food products and wipe down containers before placing everything back in. Don't forget the vegetable drawer! I also wipe down the shell of the fridge really well while I'm at it. Don't forget the top of the fridge either.

Freezer; This is a great time of year to pull everything out of your freezer, inventory it and place it back more organized. I always find food I forgot I've purchased. I highly recommend wearing gloves during this process! 

Pots & Pans; I have a few pots and pans kicking around that I have been meaning to donate. There is no better time then now to get rid of old, but functional kitchen gadgets. 

Drawers; I highly suggest pulling everything out of the drawers and wiping them down and putting everything back more organized then before. Do you have a junk drawer? One of those places where everything that is random ends up? I sure do. Now is a great time to throw out old papers, flyers, or coupons yo have collecting dust. 

Sink; SOS pads! They works wonders when it comes to sinks. It sparkles like never before! 

Keurig; If you have one, now is a great time to descale it. I will be posting an article on this soon. 

Baking Sheets; I always scrub my cooking sheets and other bake ware at this time of year too. Sometimes it gets forgotten, and now is a great time to make sure it gets cleaned! 

Walls & Ceiling; Swiffer the walls and corners. I always find that a few spider webs will accumulate on top of the cupboards. 
Counters; This is the second last thing I will do. After everything is put back into its place. Wipe down the counters really well, moving appliances as you go. 
Floors; Always do this last! At this time of year I will usually hand scrub the floor really well. Sometimes I do it twice. With two dogs running around it gets more dirty then I would like to admit. 


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