Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Cleaning ~ Bathroom

Oh The Joys of Spring Cleaning!
I decided to start off my spring cleaning small.
I put all my cleaners on the kitchen table and they sit there until the whole project is complete. It is motivation, and a constant reminder to get it done.
Today I am starting with the bathroom.
Smallest, and easiest room in my house to clean!
{ Check List }
- Toilet ; Scrub it like you never have before! I put the toilet bowl cleaner around the bowl and then close the lid for a good 10 - 15 minutes while you clean other spots of the bathroom. Don't just clean the inside of the toilet! Don't forget about the rim, lid, and outside shell of the toilet. Now is a great time to wipe it all down and get it sparkling!
- Shower / Tub ; This is the part that takes me the longest in all of the bathroom. I start with a sponge that has a soft side and a rough side. I spray it section by section and scrub it until I am satisfied. Being short I have found it is a great help to bring a stool into the tub so you are able to scrub the tiles all the way out of reach. While you're at it you should pull down the fabric shower curtain and any other bathroom linens you may have that are just for show and throw them in the wash. This is also the time of the year I put up a new plastic shower curtain. They can get so mucky and they only cost $2.00 at walmart. After I am satisfied that the tiles are up to my standards, I remove all products from the shower and clean the rim of the tub. I wipe down everything very well and then lastly I will scrub the tub its self. This is always a tiring job on my arms but it makes it well worth it.
- Sink / Vanity ; I don't know about you, but my bathroom counter becomes a bit of a dumping ground. Products, hair elastics, makeup, toothbrushes, and bobby pins seem to always make a home, all over. After tidying those up, and find thing the actual counter part, i begin cleaning. Spray everything, and wipe it down well. Scrub the sink with a sponge and swish it out with clean hot water.
Ceiling / Lights ; Swiffer. The key to all my shortness problems. I swiffer the roof, tops of the door frames, and all light fixtures really well.
Door Knobs / Light Switches ; The need disinfecting too! Seriously how many times a day do you touch them? And when was the last time you cleaned them?
Linen Closet ; There's never a better time to sort through old towels, thrown out expired products, or wipe down all the shelves.
Floors ; Always saved for last. I hand wash my bathroom floor because I find with the grout the mop doesnt get it nearly as clean as I would like.

That's it folks.
It's sparkling.
Welcome to spring cleaning day 1.
BTW - does anyone elses hubby have to use the washroom less then 2 minutes after you are done cleaning?!

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