Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Welcome September

Hello there. 
Its been quite awhile. 
J has had some medical issues that have kept me quite busy the last few months. 
But, luckily things seem to be getting back to normal. 

Oh, September. 
You creeped up on me. 
We have some upcoming medical costs this month, so we are trimming our weekly food budget even further this month. 

We have decided we are going to do a weekly meal plan, and a weekly shop. 
We usually budget $100/week for all food, toiletries, and household needs.
I'm hoping to cut that down to $50. 
We have a large stockpile of household cleaners, detergents, and hygiene products to last us at least a couple of months. We have a small stock of food products to balance out the groceries we will purchase this month.

Every week I will be posting our meal plan and during the week I will post any new recipes I try. 

I'm hoping September will be a good month for my family and yours. 

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
Email me! 

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